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Port95nt-exe-64-bit-download ((EXCLUSIVE))

A: I downloaded the port95NT-win64.exe zip file from the original port95NT site and tried to install it on Windows 7 x64. It worked! I had tried it on a Windows 7 32-bit machine earlier with no luck. I think the solution to my problem was to download the 64-bit version because I have an AMD Phenom II X6 1100T CPU which only supports 64-bit Windows 7. Before trying to install port95NT-win64.exe I tried port95NT-win32.exe and it didn't work. I don't know why. I tried it on several different computers and it worked, but I have only one computer, so it could be that I'm getting a specific error. So, it seems to work fine on 32-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows 7. Show HN: I made a game and it does all this by itself, I am finished - amir7223 ====== amir7223 The game is called 'Sierra' ([ Its a game where you are a character going through an animation cycle and finding way to win the game. Its rather entertaining. I am already working on the next release of the game. Its built using Unity3D and C#. So I guess someone can actually learn something from this game. ~~~ fiatjaf Well, it's cool, but it could use some more polish. The animation is pretty uncanny. ~~~ amir7223 I think thats the idea of the game. The animation is probably pretty good, but I want to add more features and make it better overall. I am currently building it using the Microsoft Windows 10 SDK. ------ paullth You should make a windows store app. ~~~ amir7223 I am not sure if its possible. There are a lot of licensing issues to deal with. ~~~ lobster_johnson The Windows Store and its licensing is far less restrictive. You just need to apply to the store. ~~~ amir7223 Right now I am working only be359ba680

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